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Portatile leggero del treppiede del carbonio TC2335 (arancio) per fotografia di viaggio

4.8 54 recensioni Codice Prodotto:KF09.066
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132,09€ 113,99€
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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Acquista K&F Concept portatile leggero del treppiede del carbonio tc2335 (arancio) per fotografia di viaggio online, spedizione gratuita e garanzia di restituzione entro 30 giorni.
  • KF09.066
  • Disponibilità: Out Of Stock
  • 113.99
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Portatile leggero del treppiede del carbonio TC2335 (arancio) per fotografia di viaggio
  • • Tubo treppiede in fibra di carbonio di qualità, può essere piegato a rovescio di 180 gradi in senso inverso e installare invertito, l'altezza piegata è di soli 13.6 "(345mm) il peso del treppiede della fotocamera è di 1,85 libbre, più piccolo in modo da aiutarti a viaggiare comodamente.
  • • Installazione a colonna centrale invertita per realizzare la ripresa con angolazione più bassa, riprese macro o altre fotografie speciali.
  • • La testa a sfera a 360 gradi con livella a bolla offre una vista panoramica. Il sistema di regolazione dell'angolo a tre posizioni consente una ripresa flessibile.
  • • Design a colonna centrale con gancio fissato alla sacca di sabbia per aumentare la stabilità, con piedini antiscivolo progettati per mantenere stabile il treppiede. Il peso del carico massimo è di 26,5 libbre / 12 kg per prestazioni ottimali.
  • • Specifiche treppiedi: 23 mm, gambe in fibra di carbonio a 5 sezioni. Altezza piegata: 13,6 "Altezza estesa: 53,1". Peso netto: 1,85 sterline.
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TC2335 Tuono
Treppiede in carbonio per fotocamera DSLR
Parametro del prodotto
Sezioni 5
Altezza minima
12,9 "(33 cm)
Altezza massima
53,1 cm (134,8 cm)
13,6 "(34,5 cm)
8 strati in fibra di carbonio
Il 100% di fibra di carbonio è più leggero e più sicuro
Piccolo e leggero
Peso: 1.52 libbre (0.69 kg) / Altezza piegata: 13.6 "(34.5 cm)
Ripresa panoramica a 360 °
11,8 kg di capacità di carico
Guarnizione in gomma e tappo di sicurezza
Testa a sfera rotante a 360 °
Angolazione arbitraria a 90 ° sul lato
Colpo laterale
Colpo verso il basso
Colpo verso l'alto
Fotografia a basso angolo

È possibile realizzare riprese con angolo più basso, riprese macro e fotografie speciali attraverso l'asse centrale invertito.
Gancio di ritorno automatico
Gli oggetti pesanti possono essere appesi per migliorare la stabilità
180 ° riflessa
Rendi più comodo lo stoccaggio e il trasporto
Facile da trasportare
Tubo realizzato in
fibra di carbonio di alta qualità , può essere riflesso di 180 °,
migliore portabilità.
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Valutazione complessiva   4.8   
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A VERY rigid small travel tripod
The tripod arrived well packaged with a little carry pouch. This tripod is small! And fits nicely in my side pocket on my camera bag.Don't let the size or weight of the tripod fool you. It's one of the sturdiest and rigid tripods I've used at this price point! Being carbon fibre it is extremely lightweight! The ball head it good and easy to use and it's nice to see a metal quick release plate.There was no buckling of the legs when fully extended and took my D810 & 70-200 f2.8 with no issues at all.The screw mechanism for the legs works exceptionally well and very very smooth with no snagging even after shooting on a soggy beach!If you want a very sturdy and capable carbon fibre tripod for under £100 you can't go wrong with this.Highly recommended for portability and how stable it is.W.Wise.Photography
A VERY rigid small travel tripod A VERY rigid small travel tripod
One of the Best Travel Tripods I’ve Used
If you’re in the market for an amazing travel tripod, this should be near the top of your list. There are a number of reasons why which basically boil down to price, size, weight, build quality, and value for money.For the money, this is carbon fibre not aluminium which means that it is lightweight and easy to take anywhere and yet the build quality is robust. When you collapse it down, it is actually smaller than the premium GorillaPod! I’ve shown this in the pictures I’ve uploaded. Take a look.Since getting it, I’ve almost abandoned using the GorillaPod since it was my number one choice for day to day shooting mainly because it is light. Now I prefer this because it is much more rigid, much more stable, just as light and better made.The biggest advantage is that it has a hook underneath the tripod centre column which means that you can actually make this tripod heavier by hanging your camera backpack on it.My friend was sceptical about this tripod saying that there is no substitute for a heavy Gitzo costing £800! But that is like saying that there is no substitute for an espresso machine costing thousands of pounds.In my view, I think some people think about this sort of tripod wrong. A lightweight travel tripod should be compared to a GorillaPod or other lightweight tripod, not to a huge, heavy beast of metal designed to keep your camera stable in an earthquake.And believe me, if my experience is anything like yours, there is no doubt whatsoever that you will use this one more than your heavy one.Last point is that if you shoot video, then between this and a GorillaPod, you pretty much have all that you need for whatever shot you want to take. My GorillaPod is great for many shots but getting any camera horizontal on it is a pain.In contrast, this one has a party trick. It has a spirit level and a compass on the ball head! This is perfect for balancing the camera up and surprisingly helpful in knowing where the wind will be blowing from (I use a weather app to check wind speed and direction).My one came with a brilliant water proof cover and complete lens cleaning kit. Very nice touch, K&F, very nice indeed. Plus a travel case which is very well made and appreciated but I must say I’m not keen on the large logo on the bag itself and wish they would have left it off or made it smaller. But that’s not a big deal.Overall, an excellent travel tripod and very easy to use.
One of the Best Travel Tripods I’ve Used
Great lightweight tripod
Very nice tripod! And most important, very light. Perfect for traveling. I used it with my Sony a7iii - no problem at all. Just be mindful, it will not be as stable as other normal size tripods, especially in windy weather but does it job very well!
Nice sturdy lightweight tripod
I bought this because it was light and didn't take up too much of my airline baggage allowance. I am very pleased with it - it's very light and yet sturdy and makes a wonderful travelling tripod. Easy to extend/retract, and fits nicely in the supplied bag without any hassle.
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