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Zaino Reflex Professionale Impermeabile Casual Grande Nylon Capacità di 2 Fotocamere per DSLR Mirrorless Laptop Treppiede 10.63 * 5.91 * 16.93 inches

4.8 169 recensioni Codice Prodotto:KF13.044
78,99€ 54,99€
&Spedizione GRATUITA sui paesi idonei
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Acquista K&F Concept zaino reflex professionale impermeabile casual grande nylon capacità di 2 fotocamere per dslr mirrorless laptop treppiede 10.63 * 5.91 * 16.93 inches online, spedizione gratuita e garanzia di restituzione entro 30 giorni.
  • KF13.044
  • Disponibilità: Disponibile
  • 54.99
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Zaino Reflex Professionale Impermeabile Casual Grande Nylon Capacità di 2 Fotocamere per DSLR Mirrorless Laptop Treppiede 10.63 * 5.91 * 16.93 inches
  • • 【CAPIENZA】Questo zaino reflex è perfetto per mettere 1 fotocamera( anche per mirrorless o reflex), gli obiettivi aggiuntivi, 1 treppiede, 1 laptop di 13.3", 2 tablet di 7.9"-11” e di 10”-12”, gli oggetti privati e gli altri accessori.
  • • 【ROBUSTEZZA】Lo zaino per fotocamera con il materiale di Nylon di alta densità è in grado di proteggerlo dagli urti e di resistere allo strappo e all’acqua, la pelle antiscivola sotto lo zaino protegge al più possibile lo zaino dai graffi.
  • • 【PRATICITA’】E’ molto comodo grazie agli spallacci imbottiti traspiranti e il tappetino traspirante della schiena, le cinghie con gli attacchi regolabili rendono lo zaino adatto a quasi tutte le corporature.
  • • 【DOVISORI STABILE】I divisori mobili in forma di nido d’ape sono molto leggero e stabile rendendo le attrezzature stare in tranquillità.
  • • 【DOPPIO USO 2 IN 1】Grazie ai divisori staccabili, lo zaino può essere usato per la vita quotidiana o anche usato come lo zaino per laptop. taglia L x L x A: 17,3 * 6,3 * 11,4 pollici. Compatibile con Nikon D500 D5500 D3200 D7200 D7200 D5100 D3100 D5300 D5200 D5300 D3400 D3300 COOLPIX P900 P610 P600 P530 P520 P510 L840 L830 L820 L810 L330 L310, DL24-500 Fotocamera digitale, Canon EOS T6, T6i, T6s, T5, T5i, T4i, SL1 , 80D, 70D e più DSLR
Air-mesh, allargato e ispessito e spallacci regolabili, facilitano il tuo viaggio.
Contiene 2 telecamere + 5 obiettivi + laptop + fotocamera treppiede + accessori; Tasche dedicate per trasportare laptop fino a 13,3 ".
Scompartimento di articoli personali adeguato Vano porta abiti dedicato e scomparto per laptop (fino a 13,3 '')
I divisori staccabili rendono lo zaino versatile
Macchina fotografica e bagagli
Schienale imbottito 3D per migliorare traspirabilità e comfort nella stagione calda.
La dimensione interna
La dimensione del pacco è paragonabile a un 9,7 "
Nylon 840D idrorepellente
Tasca per scheda SD
Fondo in pelle
Zaino fotografico alla moda
Valutazione complessiva   4.8   
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Very sturdy backpack, keeps safe my photography stuff.
I purchased this bag for myself. I used to have a shoulder bag, but after carrying my stuff for ages.... I have real pain in my shoulder and back. I needed to find an enough big backpack. It has two parts: the front one is for the laptop and tablet, cables; the back is for camera and lenses and accessories. You can make different sizes of comparements with padded dividers. You can attach them to each other by Velcro. The straps are adjustable, padded, very comfortable to wear. The whole back is breathable, mesh, even if you are sweating, does not feel yourself uncomfortable.I have two issues with this backpack: the material does not seem enough waterproof (should have a foldable rainproof cover) and not enough deep. If I put my laptop in one side and want to put my wide angle lens, I think is not enough deep.The inside is very soft, padded, I know all my lenses and other accessories are in safe.
Very sturdy backpack, keeps safe my photography stuff. Very sturdy backpack, keeps safe my photography stuff. Very sturdy backpack, keeps safe my photography stuff. Very sturdy backpack, keeps safe my photography stuff. Very sturdy backpack, keeps safe my photography stuff. Very sturdy backpack, keeps safe my photography stuff. Very sturdy backpack, keeps safe my photography stuff.
Excellent camera bag
I’m very impressed with this bag for the price, it feels like it’s a quality item and it’s durable.You can fit a DSLR and 9 lenses in the man compartment and the dividers are Velcro so you can adjust the sizes to suit your kit. The main compartment is accessed from the back, so you would have to take the bag off to access your kit, which I like for security reasons.In the back compartment there is space for a laptop and maybe a book, with another thin compartment for accessories. It has a small zip up pouch for memory cards, and it has quite a cool strap and pouch for carrying your tripod.It looks more stylish than your average plain black camera bags. This is a good buy.
A quality and lightweight backpack that doesn't scream camera bag
It's a well made bag that does what it says. It is lightweight and I like the security feature where your equipment can only be accessed once you take the bag off.One issue I found was if you have a lens or camera that is more than 4.5 inches tall, it will protrude into your back and may make it a bit uncomfortable. Other than that, there is more than enough adjustable compartments to suit most needs.I agree with other users that when you open the front flap, if you have anything stored in the upper section, it tend to fly out. I can't understand why it is not zipped like the lower section is. A DIY solution may be to use velcro strips to keep it closed?Other than that, it's a good looking bag that is not obviously a camera bag.
Wonderful bag for travelling with Camera
I used to carry a normal backpack for my camera and would often struggle for finding the lens or other equipments but this backpack is so useful as it addresses all the issues. Design which is robust, rectangular shape and wont loose its shape so all the equipment will be safe. Interiors for lens and other equipment is flexible which can be adjusted as per need. I liked the grey color option which is really cool looking. Very nice, elegant, comfortable backpack for my camera and gear.
perfect for me.
Love this pack, small lightweight and perfect size for my Fuji xt3 with 100-400mm lens with hood attached. It works well for me as I walk long distances looking for wildlife, my other packs are just too heavy. I love that i can just leave this lens-on and quickly open it with really easy glide zippers. Top job, light weigh, not too much protection, but that means it is light. Well made good quality bag.
K&F Concept Camera Backpack Review
K&F Concept Kamera Rucksack L - Testbericht - 11.09.2017
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