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K&F SN25T1 ND1000 Filtro quadrato 100x100mm + supporto in metallo + 8 anelli adattatori per DSLR

4.7 46 recensioni Codice Prodotto:SKU.1596
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78,77€ 58,89€
&Spedizione GRATUITA sui paesi idonei
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Acquista K&F Concept k&f sn25t1 nd1000 filtro quadrato 100x100mm + supporto in metallo + 8 anelli adattatori per dslr online, spedizione gratuita e garanzia di restituzione entro 30 giorni.
  • SKU.1596
  • Disponibilità: Disponibile
  • 58.89
K&F SN25T1 ND1000 Filtro quadrato 100x100mm + supporto in metallo + 8 anelli adattatori per DSLR
  • • Questo filtro SN25T1 ND1000 è un aggiornamento del filtro quadrato SN25T ND1000. Utilizza un processo di rivestimento per risolvere il problema della dominante di colore. Basta scorrere diversi filtri per scattare foto meravigliose e colorate.
  • • Il materiale del filtro è il vetro ottico di alta qualità, che adotta un rivestimento avanzato multistrato a doppia faccia, che può ridurre efficacemente la riflessione della superficie del filtro.
  • • Ci sono 8 adattatori per anello filtro, inclusi 49mm / 52mm / 58mm / 62mm / 67mm / 72mm / 77mm / 82mm, che ti consentono di utilizzare il filtro nd sul tuo tipo di obiettivo per fotocamera di dimensioni.
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Filtro quadrato ND1000
La tecnologia di rivestimento multi-resistente riduce significativamente i riflessi dell'obiettivo e le immagini fantasma, rendendo il filtro resistente ai graffi, idrorepellente, resistente all'olio e alla polvere fino ai rigori della fotografia d'avventura.
Il filtro con funzione
ND1000 offre 10 riduzioni f-stop ed è realizzato con vetro premium di Germany Optics.

Rivestimento multistrato

Vetro di colore primario HD
resistente ai graffi
Alto grado
di riduzione
trasmissione luminosa
Vetro ottico colore primario ND1000- doppio specchio parabolico
Gli specchi di vetro non a doppia ottica, specialmente quelli con una lunghezza focale maggiore, sono sfocati.
Resistente a los arañazos
El filtro antiarañazos, repelente al agua, resistente al aceite y al polvo se adapta a los rigores de la fotografía de aventura.
Recubrimiento de vidrio de color primario
Las gotas de agua son redondas.
Otras lentes
Gotas de agua dispersas.
Sin filtro ND
1/6 ″ Velocidad de obturación
Con filtro ND
2.5 "Velocidad de obturación
Valutazione complessiva   4.7   
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Great value for money and picture quality
I bought this ND filter kit as I have had a great experience with K&F (their tripod is brilliant) and was looking for a system that would work with all my lenses. Firstly, the quality of the packaging and storage is extremely high, the glass comes in its own case that keeps it clean and safe. Secondly, it's very easy to set up and use (a little fiddly if you hand are cold) and thirdly, the picture quality is great, there is no colour casting (the colours you see in the images above is my editing, not the fault of the ND filter) and it allowed me to blur the water and clouds in the middle of the day.
Great value for money and picture quality Great value for money and picture quality Great value for money and picture quality Great value for money and picture quality
Fantastic Filter Kit !
Awesome filter kit,Product packaging is Decadent,The item itself is of high quality,Aluminium filter holder and lens rings,And the filter case is top notch,The filter itself is High quality optical glass,Tested this out as soon as it arrived,Does not suffer from light leakages and there is no colour cast on the images unlike some other brands, overall I am very satisfied with my purchase, will hopefully be looking to get the k&f graduated filters next,A recommended buy.
Fantastic Filter Kit ! Fantastic Filter Kit !
Fantastic kit that doesn’t break the bank!
So, I brought this to see why it was more expensive than the cheaper filters, but a lot cheaper than the likes of lee filters etc, I have been extremely impressed!I have taken this out today and although an over cast day, and I went to the beach at low tide, I thought I would use this as a chance to see if it’s any good.The first wow I had was the packaging... not something I usually bother about, but it is a thing of beauty. Then the quality of the mount rings, they are solid unlike all the other sets I have had that the mount rings have broken after a use or two. The quick realease ring took a couple of goes to get on then I noticed you have to put the far side in first then it locks in place really easily.Now the most important thing... the glass filter itself. Packaged really well, it does seem to be slightly static, but a rub down with a cloth and it doesn’t seem to attract dust at all. It holds tightly in the holder and is defiantly not going to move once in place. The quality of the glass looks awesome. Images have come out clean, and not a colour cast (although I thought it would have a green hue from looking at the filter the images do not seem to have any noticeable cast at all) and it does seem to be almost exactly 10 stops.I would easily recommend this to those looking to move into long exposure photography as it is well made, super easy to use and quality bit of kit to add some variety to your photography.I have attached a comparison of what the camera gave in auto and what I could get from the same scene with the filter.
Fantastic kit that doesn’t break the bank!
It delivered what was expected from it.
This was the first filter set I purchased and it delivered it's purpose.
Brilliant product, I would recommend it to any one, good value for money
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